7 Samson Z25 Studio Headphones

Minimum suggested donation $25.00


Courtesy of Sam Ash Music
(Note: The price shown is the minimum donation, but feel free to give more! Just fill in the amount you’d like to give. All proceeds go to the Music for Life Foundation)

List Price $49.99

For musicians and music lovers who don’t want to sacrifice sonic quality for style, Samson’s Z25 headphones introduce a sleek, modern design with outstanding comfort and sound that is never overly hyped.

Ideal for tracking and music monitoring
Tuned for enhanced bass response
Lightweight, low-profile design with protein leather cushioning
Closed-back design with 90° rotating ear cups
Premium 40mm drivers with rare earth magnets
20Hz–20kHz frequency response
Hardwired 8’ straight cable and 1/4″ adapter included

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