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I’ve started working on a tune to go with the strawberry recipe below and will sent it to patrons shortly. Thank you, and I’d like to invite you to become a part of the new music & recipes project. Choose your desired amount and click “Patron support-add to cart”. Or just check out the recipe below.

The working title is “Music to Cook By” and it includes new tunes with an international flavor and a book of recipes to match, a culinary version of Wonderlust.

Whether you’d just like to contribute a small amount, or if you’d like to become part of the “Inner Circle” and be involved in the process along the way, I hope you will consider joining me. Patrons donating $35 or more will get an autographed copy of the first edition of the new work. (Please be patient, release date is not yet determined.) “Inner Circle” Patrons donating $100 and more will also receive pre-release versions of new music, exclusive lessons and other expressions of art as they are created. Larger level patrons will have music composed for them, or to the title of their choice, and/or a house concert performed at their home, and perhaps I’ll cook you something if the opportunity presents itself.

For questions or if would like to support in other ways, you can email me here.

Thank you again!

Our current favorite:

Strawberry salad for your dessert
This is a lovely dessert that was made for us by fine chef and sommelier Eric Pasquet in Paris.

Organic strawberries
Olive oil infused with lemon (When the oil is pressed with lemon at the same time, this is a secret to getting a good balance.) If not lemony enough, or if only plain olive oil is available, add a couple squeezes of lemon and a hint of lemon zest.
Peppercorns, fresh and coarsely ground. *for the black pepper, best is a hot pepper coming from South India or indonesia roughly grind or pestled.
Fresh mint, sliced into thin strips. Regular “Morocco” mint, not spearmint. If the leaves are large, avoid the center spine.
Fine quality balsamic vinegar. We prefer a fig vinegar.

This is one that really sings when you have great ingredients. Fine local honey, ripe organic strawberries, black pepper that is very flavorful, and a fine balsamic will make a difference in the flavor.

Cut strawberries in half or in quarters if larger berries. Mix throughly with a spoonful of honey and let the berries sit for a few minutes until they become juicy. Add a dash of olive oil infused with lemon  Sprinkle with black pepper, Slice mint into thin strips and add to the mixture. At the last moment, add a dash of balsamic vinegar. Mix and serve.  Delicious!

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