Setting Sail

Sailing tour continues

We are taking 3 weeks to go up the east coast in Bryan’s vintage 29 foot sailboat. The first day we caught dinner, which we cooked on the grill on the back of the boat at sunset.

While sailing out of Moriches Inlet Bryan discovered the bronze piece holding the tiller into place had broken, so he made a quick repair with things he had onboard. It should hold for some days until we find a welder somewhere along the coast.

I wrote a tune onboard for the Japanese Acoustic Guitar Magazine.

We stopped at Block Island

Where we walked on solid ground for the first time in 3 days.

Near Quicks Hole our friend David Isenberg pulled up alongside the boat, and we went to try to catch striper, finally heading back to cook up some delicious bluefish. He invited me to do a concert in his home in Woods Hole MA on Saturday at 3pm (also my birthday) and we’ll get our piece for the boat welded that day as well.

Wow, 49 people at a moment’s notice, and a most enthusiastic audience! Thank you to David and Paula, and everyone at the last minute house concert! I enjoyed going to Friends Meeting Sunday morning.

Visiting a few harbors in Martha’s Vineyard.

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