Muriel Anderson “Wonderlust” a must-see as well as a must-hear!

Muriel’s new program “Wonderlust” includes visuals – moving and still images artfully compiled by brilliant photo-artist Bryan Allen. Sometimes whimsical, sometimes thought-provoking, always engaging. It is a musical journey around the world, bringing together diverse cultures and settings, shining a gentle light on our common humanity.

The Story Behind It

When Muriel first encountered Bryan Allen’s work, she was amazed to find that his photo-art was saying the same thing as her music. They went on to create the 12-award winning Nightlight Daylight CD (including Guitar Player Magazine’s choice in the top 10 of the decade) and in the process discovered that their artistic affinity extended to the heart. They combined their artistry in a live context, and this show is the result. Bryan’s stunning visuals provide an insightful backdrop to Muriel’s music, accentuating the audience experience as never before. A virtual tour around the world in music and imagery.    And… just released, THE WONDERLUST DVD!

Here’s a sample of the show:

Preview full-length visual backdrops behind the performance:
A Bakers Dozen, by Muriel Anderson
A Fine Pickle, by Muriel Anderson
Under Paris Skies, French song
View From Space, by Muriel Anderson
Summer Morning Rain, by Muriel Anderson
Train from Arnhem, by Muriel Anderson



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