Muriel fishing

Bryan’s Bluefish – Grilled with Ginger

A lot of people consider bluefish as too oily to be a good eating fish, but fresh caught and right on the grill this way it is one of my favorites! It puts up a mean fight when you catch one, but bluefish are big and often plentiful near the Long Island inlets and in other parts of the world known also as Tailor, Shad, and Elf.

1 Scale and fillet fresh bluefish. Light the boat’s outdoor grill.
2 Coat with olive oil, salt, pepper, grated fresh ginger, fresh rosemary and fresh thyme from the garden
3 Place the fish skin side down on grill (directly on grill or on foil if you prefer)
4 Without turning, remove after about 6 min when the top starts getting a little brown and crispy.
5 Enjoy!

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