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-Link to AER-

List price $1499.  From Nathan Bell’s review in Acoustic Guitar Magazine:

“The decorative differences are subtle and tasteful. Nothing on this amp screams “special edition” and I suspect AER fans will be pleased that the amp is still basic black-on-black. Emmanuel’s signature is engraved in black leather on one side of the amplifier, and a small sticker of the same signature is on the back. The other side of the amp has an engraved aboriginal symbol, honoring the guitarist’s Australian roots.

There are only two hardware/software modifications, but they are smart ones, and make paying the additional $100 over the standard edition a no-brainer: Emmanuel requested he be able to send his fully finished sound directly to the mixing board, so the first change is to the DI out, switching it from a pre- to a post-send. The original Compact 60 is only able to send the signal without the EQ and effects engaged (pre). This change is good news for any guitar player who wants to know that the audience will hear exactly the sound the artist worked so hard to find.

And then there are the effects. Standard Compact 60s have four built-in effects, including a delay. The Signature Edition replaces the standard delay with a delay designed to replicate setting 99 (reverb combined with chorus) from an old workhorse Alesis MidiVerb. This gives the sound extra width and depth. You can dial in as much or as little as you need, but even turned up to relatively high levels, the effect is remarkably transparent.

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