Pic Stik

Minimum suggested donation $1.00


(Note: The price shown is the minimum donation, but feel free to give more! Just fill in the amount you’d like to give. All proceeds go to the Music for Life Foundation)

List Price: $9.99

The Pic Stiks’ patented design clips to your strap and holds 5 picks of any gauge independently. Forget about glue, pins and tape. Pic Stik really is – The Coolest Thing To Stick Your Pick In!!

• Clips to your strap for instant access.
• Embossing prevents Pic Stik from sliding on your strap.
• Comes with 5 collectible international flag picks.
• Bonus pentatonic blues scale and chord reference chart included.
• With the Pic Stik, you will always have a pick handy!
• Strap not included.

Things You Will Get:
Guitar Strap Mount
Scale/Chord Chart
5 Picks

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