All Star Guitar Night 2000 (Limited Stock)




Muriel Anderson’s world-class guitar events bring top players together for what are always powerful musical evenings. The artists featured here represent a spectrum of styles and sounds, from classical-tinged lyricism to electric blues; from Travis-style thumbpicking to ethereal tapping; from delicate fingerstyle to rockin’ country blues. Here’s an opportunity to witness amazing acoustic and electric guitar performances on an entertaining and awe-inspiring video!

Songs include:

  • Hometown (Muriel Anderson)
  • Impressions (Stan Lassiter)
  • Lady’s Night (Preston Reed)
  • Becca’s Bounce (Steve Fairclough)
  • Mr. Guitar My Friend (Thom Bresh)
  • Cannonball Rag (Thom Bresh and Buster B. Jones)
  • Workin’ Man Blues (Brent Mason)
  • Strawberry Fields Forever (Laurence Juber)
  • Saudade (Michael Chapdelaine)
  • Classical Gas (Tommy Emmanuel)
  • All Blues (Mitch Watkins)
  • Dance with Me (Nokie Edwards)
  • Flying Home (Stanley Jordan)
  • Seymour’s Blues (Seymour Duncan)
  • Vincent (Muriel Anderson and Tommy Emmanuel)


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