Strawberry Salad

This is a lovely dessert that was made for us by fine chef and sommelier Eric Pasquet a couple weeks ago in Paris.  This week we are traveling by sailboat so we brought a little mint plant along with us and I made it yesterday on the boat – not as fine ingredients as we found in Paris, but adding a couple squeezes of lemon helped to create the right balance.

Organic strawberries
Olive oil infused with lemon (pressed at the same time is best, or if not lemony enough, or if only plain olive oil is available, add a couple squeezes of lemon and/or a hint of lemon zest.)
Black pepper, fresh coarsely ground. *Indian pepper, or a black pepper with a more unique taste is best.
Fresh mint, sliced into thin strips
Fine quality balsamic vinegar

This is one that really sings when you have great ingredients. Fine local honey, ripe organic strawberries, black pepper that is not too peppery but very flavorful, and a fine aged balsamic will make a difference in the flavor

Cut strawberries in half or in quarters if larger berries. Mix throughly with a spoonful of honey and let the berries sit for a few minutes until they become juicy. Add a dash of olive oil infused with lemon  Sprinkle with black pepper, Slice mint into thin strips and add to the mixture. At the last moment, add a dash of balsamic vinegar. Mix and serve.  Delicious!

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