Alash eating

Tuvan Lamb Dumplings (Buuza) …As prepared by Alash, Tuvan Throat Singers.

I’ve been enjoying the music of Alash, Throat Singers from Tuva. They can produce two and three tones at once with this unusual style. (Hear and see them here)
We caught them in Jeff Coffin’s kitchen, and they taught us how to make these steamed dumplings. They asked for a live sheep, but we got the next best thing, some ground lamb from the supermarket. They told me they prefer fatty ground meat, as the pastries form little baskets that hold the broth from the lamb.  So, know that when taking your first bite from the dumplings there is some juice that can spurt out! Good though!  My variation: I like adding feta cheese.

L17A2080 Dumplings

2 LB flour (all purpose)
Ground meat (lamb or goat, fatty meat preferred)
1 large yellow onion
Mayonnaise (or sour cream)
Garlic powder or garlic cloves
Black pepper
Egg optional

Rolling pin
Can or round cookie cutter
Steamer or pot with insert for steaming

Dice half a large onion and 6-8 garlic cloves. Mix ground meat with diced onion and garlic (or garlic powder), dash of salt and pepper.

Mix flour with salted warm water (salt to taste) and add an egg if desired.
Knead and twist until stretchy

Separate dough into golf ball size pieces.
Roll to flat circles.
Place a dab of meat mixture in center.
Bring sides of dough together and pinch top to close.
Then bring sides around and pinch together to form petal-shaped openings where you can see the meat. Do this on both sides.

Heat water to boiling in steamer. Put one layer of dumplings in basket(s) and steam until you can smell the aroma, about 20 min. It’s OK if it stays in a little longer also.

Remove and serve with mayonaise mixed with tomato catsup or hot sauce or other condiments.

Serve with:
Milk Tea
Whole milk,
Loose black tea (regular)
water, salt
Add tea and milk to salted boiling water (to taste) Let sit a few minutes and strain any excess tea leaves.

Tuvan Lamb Dumplings

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