Hometown Downers Grove

Downers Grove IL public library’s project, watch here. I hope to see you all at my annual Saturday-After-Thanksgiving concert!  


Nightlight Daylight among GP’s Top 10 CDs

We are honored that the new 50th Anniversary Issue of Guitar Player has chosen NIGHTLIGHT DAYLIGHT in the 10 top CDs of the decade. If you’d like a copy, use the code TOP10 for $10 off every copy in my shop. To listen, download, and more info: We are so thankful and proud of […]

Eclipse from Nashville Capital Building

Eclipse in Nashville

We jumped through a lot of hoops to get to Nashville to watch the eclipse with friends on the lawn of the capital building. A different feeling in the air when a 2-minute sunset/sunrise changed all the sights and sounds around. Here is from moments before: Bryan took some cool photos and videos, so check […]

Goulash_Muriel 8371

Traditional Hungarian Gulyás (Goulash)-Stew

This is the most recent recipe I’m composing music for my “Music to Cook By” project, sponsored by my Patrons and courtesy of Eszter Csaba Lumen in Hungary. Ingredients (serves 8): 5-medium sized onions finely chopped 2-whole pepper chopped (We used sweet yellow pepper) 3-whole tomato chopped some slices of hot pepper (We used green […]


ASGN Summer 2017

What a great night we had with Stanley Jordan, Laurence Juber, Jack Pearson, Michael Kelsey, Brooks Robertson, Dan Bankhurst, Sašo Zver, Pat Bergeson, Brad Davis, Rob Ickes & Trey Henley! I played some tunes and we had a silent auction as well (you can still participate–click here to see the buy-it-now items–all proceeds benefit the […]