Acoustic Chef

Acoustic Chef is international music paired with a book of delicious, easy, and unique recipes from around the world. Included is a CD of music to go with each recipe.

Listen to clips of each song below. A portion of proceeds benefits the World Central Kitchen, providing meals and hope to many.

Acoustic Chef is listed as #1 in “17 Best Gifts for Travelers” and Guitar Girl calls it a “Perfect Holiday Gift for Music Lovers, Travel Buffs and Foodies Alike.” It was nominated for best album in the Concept/International category for the WAM awards.

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Join me on a virtual tour around the world. This book with accompanying CD are the culmination of many years of savoring great food and music as I tour.

I hope to give you a taste of these treasured adventures with friends and fellow musicians in the stories, music, and recipes

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Cooking, art, and music all encourage inventiveness. I’m honored to be joined by great musicians from each country represented in the book, including Tuvan throat singers, Lulo Reinhardt (Django’s Grandson), Zoltán Baranyi on gypsy fiddle, Rory Hoffman on accordion, Lee Nourtsis on bouzouki with string quartet.

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Recipe & Music Pairings

Music excerpts below recipe photos. (All music composed by Muriel Anderson except “Under Paris Skies,” “Tater Patch Medley,” and “Dance for Muriel.”) *Wine pairing for Ammirabile Waltz / Eggplant Parm.

Eggplant Parmesan/Ammirabile Waltz


Leo’s Sherry Mushroom Nudeln/El Léon

Quiche Yin Yang/Under Paris Skies


Karjalanpiirakka/The Immigrant

Tuvan Lamb Dumplings/The Tuvan Horseman

Mummu’s Kukumber Pikkles/A Fine Pickle

Crepes de Blé Noir/Prelude to a New Morning

Bruschetta/Crystal Horizon

Salmon in Boats

Bluefish à la Muriel

Old Man and the Sea

Bluefish à la Bryan

Old Man and the Sea

Rosemary Roasted Roots/Tater Patch

Steak Chimichurri/Dance for Muriel

Muriel’s Marvelous Asparagus

Brussels Sprouts

Baklava (with Love)/JS Baklava

Strawberries Pasquet/Mansikka

Blueberry Soup

Nisu Finnish Coffee Bread

Coconut Amaretto Nests

The Immigrant

Music credits

  1. Paprika (by Muriel Anderson) With Zoltán Baranyi on gypsy fiddle, Rory Hoffman on accordion, Muriel on Doolin harp guitar
  2. A Fine Pickle (by Muriel Anderson) With Roland Barber on tuba, trombone, trumpet and sax, Muriel on Klein steel-string guitar *
  3. Ammirabile Waltz (by Muriel Anderson) With Rory Hoffman on accordion, Danny Gottlieb on drums, Charlie Chadwick on bass, Muriel on Tierra Negra flamenco guitar
  4. Tuvan Horseman (by Muriel Anderson) With Bady-Dorzhu Ondar, Ayan-ool Sam, and Ayan Shirizhik on vocals and traditional instruments. Lyrics by Alash. Muriel on Charles McCormick harp guitar *
  5. Tater Patch Medley (Traditional tunes Tater Patch, June Apple, and Sally Goodin) With Michael Cleveland on fiddle, Jack Pearson on clawhammer banjo, Mike Bub on bass, Muriel on Martin D35 guitar *
  6. The Old Man and the Sea (by Muriel Anderson) With Danny Gottlieb on drums, Raul Ramirez on congas, Charlie Chadwick on bass
  7. The Immigrant (by Muriel Anderson) With Rory Hoffman on accordion, Muriel on Klein steel-string guitar
  8. Prelude to a New Morning (by Muriel Anderson) With Elisabeth Small and Karen Winkelmann on violin, Betsy Lamb on viola, Anthony LaMarchina on cello, Muriel on Klein steel-string guitar *
  9. El León (by Muriel Anderson) With Leo Henrichs and Raughi Ebert on flamenco guitar and palmas, Luis Gallo joins on palmas, Muriel on Tierra Negra model flamenco guitar ***
  10. Dance for Muriel (by Jorge Morel © Cheska Music, 2001 ASCAP) Muriel on Banchetti classical guitar **
  11. Orizzonte di Cristallo (by Muriel Anderson) With Alberto Lombardi on 2nd guitar, Victor Wooten on bass, Tom Shinness on cello, Danny Gottlieb and Beth Gottlieb on percussion, Muriel on Klein steel-string guitar and vocals LYRICS
  12. Sous le Ciel De Paris “Under Paris Skies”(by Hubert Giraud and Jean Dréjac) With Lulo Reinhardt on gypsy jazz guitar, Rory Hoffman on accordion, Muriel on vocals & Doolin 20-string harp guitar
  13. Mansikka (Trad Finnish tune, arrangement by Muriel Anderson) Muriel on Doolin 20-string harp guitar and vocals, with sisters Marguerite Re and Liisa McMahon, Kasha Breau and Senni Eskelinen on kantele
  14. JS Baklava (by Muriel Anderson) With Lee Nourtsis on bouzouki, Elisabeth Small and Karen Winkelmann on violin, Betsy Lamb on viola, Anthony LaMarchina on cello, Beth Gottlieb on percussion, Muriel on Doolin harp guitar

Music by Muriel Anderson © 2019 Heartstrings Attached Music, BMI. All rights reserved. Recorded in Nashville TN. Mixed by Muriel Anderson and Brad Cole. *Recorded at The Colemine, Brad Cole, engineer. **Mixed by Kim Person. ***Mixed by Raughi Ebert. Mastered by John Mayfield. Recorded on Dirk Brauner and Sony microphones.

Thank you to sous-chefs Bryan Allen, Andrea Anderson, Marguerite Re, Liisa McMahon, Vivian Fabbro Keenan, Eszter & Tom Lumen, Leo Henrichs, Jorge Morel, Grazia Ammirabile, Flavia Brandoni, Eric Pasquet, Alash, Carol Gal, Mary Kravec, Adam Johnson, Jeff Scheer, Tom Hankinson, Rob Taylor, Annabel Chiarelli, Pamela Hardy, and Anne Roos.

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