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Sailing Dreams hits top three in folk radio!

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The Music

“Every time we think Muriel can’t possibly surpass her previous recordings, she always proves us wrong. ‘Sailing Dreams’ is absolutely her best album …so far.”  ...Steve & Johnnie, WGN Radio Chicago

The songs come alive thanks to a crew of musicians including Phil Keaggy, Suzy Bogguss, Mark Kibble of Take 6, and vocal cameos by Tommy Emmanuel, Cap’n Bryan and shanty singers (see credits below). The music of SAILING DREAMS was inspired by a sailing trip from Long Island, New York to Penobscot Bay, Maine.

The Game

IIf you have ideas to add to our next deck of cards, Email them HERE. Included are: multiple choice and experience cards, fish and lobster to catch, experience token-sticks, a piece of cord in case you need to tie a sailor’s knot, a spinner in which the point of sail determines how many spaces to proceed, a professional fold-out game board, CD with the music on it, and shells from the actual beaches represented (which become your sailboat playing pieces). All parts are made & assembled in the USA..

It takes about the same amount of time to play the board game SAILING DREAMS as it does to play the album. You will sail with us from Long Island to Maine and in the process, join our adventures, learn something about sailing, the east coast, and the music. There are multiple winners and multiple ways to engage with your fellow players. Fair winds!

Photography and graphics by Bryan Allen, based on a wooden sculpture by Dale Benz.

The Songs

All songs by Muriel Anderson, ©2023 Heartstrings Attached Music, BMI, unless otherwise indicated.

1. Tides 3:35 (click here for the lyric sheet)

The tides rise and fall by 11 feet or more in Penobscott Bay. There have been several times that I’ve had to run to bring the dinghy higher up on the shore. As I started to write a song about the tides, I began to see parallels in life. I borrowed a friend’s guitar because I thought it would be the perfect sound for this tune. It was only while I was playing the guitar that I noticed an inlay of the type of historic sailing vessels we saw in Maine, and that the guitar model name is “Windjammer.”

Muriel Anderson and Tommy Emmanuel on vocals. Muriel on Windjammer guitar, Mary Beth Zamer and Andrew Clark on harmony vocals, Matt Nelson on cello, Danny Gottlieb on drums, Roy Wooten on percussion, Beth Gottleb on thunder drum, Ariane Cap on bass

2. Let Loose & Fly 4:11

Written while underway on Captain Bryan’s good ship Avocet, I was imagining hot air balloons flying overhead. My friend/student Frank suggested to write a tune in DADGAD tuning.

Muriel Anderson & Phil Keaggy on guitars, Matt Nelson on cello, Kamaal Malek on bass, percussionists Avirodh Sharma on tabla, Beth Gottlieb on ngoma, Kyle Jones and Brad Cole on bodhrán

3. Sailing Dream (Muriel/The Muse) 3:44 (click here for the lyric sheet)

This song came nearly in its entirety in a dream. When I woke, I could remember the melody, lyrics, two guitar parts, bass, drums and a lady who sounded like Suzy Bogguss singing. I’m happy to have recreated it much as it sounded in the dream, changing only a few words of the lyrics.

Suzy Bogguss on lead vocal, Muriel & Suzy on harmonies, Muriel on Windjammer guitar, Alison Brown on banjola, Danny Gottlieb on drums, Charlie Chadwick on bass 

4. Perseid 3:29

When anchored at Seal Trap Cove, I was awakened by two owls singing to each other from either side of the cove. I opened the hatch and saw a sky full of stars, with more shooting stars than I’d ever seen before. It was the night of the Perseid meteor shower.

Muriel on Doolin harp guitar, Phil Keaggy on guitar

5. Captain Noah (Anderson/Keaggy)* 5:17 (click here for the lyric sheet)

Bryan and I were anchored between islands in Maine. When the mist lifted, we found we were anchored next to a schooner from 1871, the Stephen Taber. I suggested we pretend we were pirates and row over, armed only with a guitar on my back. We announced “Who’s your captain, we’re taking over the ship!” To our surprise a voice called out “I’m Captain Noah, and I need a day off, so come on board!” We climbed up the rigging and after a brief tour of the ship I took out my guitar. Noah took out his guitar and a harmonica—it turns out he’s a fine blues player. We played until the sun set.

Mark Kibble on lead vocal, Mark and Muriel on harmonies, Muriel on DT guitar, Phil Keaggy on guitar and bass, Danny Gottlieb on drums, Pat Bergeson on harmonica

6. Rainy Harbor 3:05

At anchor in Monhegan Island, I tried to capture the melodies and rhythm of the rain on the deck.

Muriel on Doolin harp guitar

7. Sailing to Yesterday 4:14 (click here for the lyric sheet)

I composed the song and recorded guitar & vocals at the actual cottage on Fire Island inlet from where we will all set sail in the game. I had to wait until the shanty singers came back from sailing in order to record their parts. Geoff was bound for Maine in the morning to sing on a schooner, and Doug was hosting the Sweet Chariot Music Festival at Swan’s Island. Jeff Coffin is from the Coffin whaling family of Nantucket and Captain Bryan joins us in the chorus.

Muriel with Geoff Kaufmann and Joseph Morneault on vocals, joined by sailors Doug Day, David Dodson, Giorgio Fairsoni, Corey Murphy, Joel Simpson, Brad Cole and Captain Bryan Allen. Muriel plays on Emerald and Dean boat-guitars. Roy Wooten on wavedrum, Jeff Coffin on pennywhistle, Kamaal Malek on bass, Avi Sharma on percussion (recorded at Andy’s cottage next door) 

8. The Drunken Wellerman (Anderson/Keaggy)** 4:33

This is an improv based on two traditional shanties, “The Drunken Sailor” and “The Wellerman.”

Muriel Anderson and Phil Keaggy on guitars, Kyle Jones on bodhrán, Roy Wooten on wavedrum

9. Favorable Winds 5:29 (click here for the lyric sheet)

It seemed that most of the way from Fire Island inlet to central Maine the wind was going in quite the wrong direction. When we were ready to head back, the wind switched direction! We sailed about the foggy islands for a while until a storm came through and Captain Bryan said, “Well, at least the wind is going in the right direction!” The waves were a bit high as we followed the storm, so I thought I’d write a song to the wind, beseeching it to go gently in the right direction. Here is a rare cameo with Cap’n Bryan himself singing along with me.

Muriel with Cap’n Bryan Allen on vocals, Andrew Clark on harmony vocal, Muriel on Windjammer & DT guitars, Matt Nelson on cello, Beth Gottlieb on frame drum, Avirohd Sharma on tabla, Roy Wooten on wavedrum, Ariane Cap on bass

10. Friendship 4:42

Boating has brought about many new friends. This was written for my friend/student Tom. I’m so thankful for fine friendships, and wanted to express that in music. I recorded this together with my longtime friend, Phil Keaggy.

Muriel on Doolin harp guitar, Phil Keaggy on acoustic guitar

11. Silver Wind 3:50

I originally wrote this for guitar and flute, and it took new shape with Phil’s improvisations.

Muriel on DT guitar with Muriel-trebles, Phil Keaggy on acoustic guitar

12. I’m Sailing, I’m Sailing 3:06 (click here for the lyric sheet)

The title was taken from a line in the movie “What About Bob,” but the lyrics are highly personal. Mark Kibble adds his layers of stunning “Take 6” harmonies.

Mark Kibble on vocals, Muriel on vocal and DT guitar

13. Captain Noah Instrumental (Anderson/Keaggy)* 5:18

Phil Keaggy suggested we include the original instrumental version of Captain Noah. We recorded it together just before the birth of Phil’s grandson, coincidentally named Noah.

Muriel on DT guitar, Phil Keaggy on guitar and bass, Danny Gottlieb on drums, Pat Bergeson on harmonica 

*Music by Muriel Anderson and Phil Keaggy ©2023 Heartstrings Attached Music BMI & Sebastian Boy Music ASCAP. Lyrics by Muriel Anderson.

** Improvisation by Muriel Anderson and Phil Keaggy

Recorded in Nashville TN with parts recorded remotely in harbor towns on the east coast. Mixed by Brad Cole and Muriel Anderson. Mastered by John Mayfield, Nashville TN. Photography and graphics by Bryan Allen

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