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I’m very excited about my pre-release of Acoustic Chef, an international cookbook with music to go with each recipe.  Check out clips

I’ve collected recipes from my travels and have composed/arranged and recorded tunes for each. Guest musicians include the Tuvan throat singers Alash, Hungarian gypsy fiddler Zoltán Baranyi, Lulo Reindhart (Django’s grandson), Tierra Negra, Lee Nourtsis on bouzouki with string quartet, and Rory Hoffman on accordion. Great fun! 

Pre-release spiral-bound copies are available now and hardcover copies will be available in March. 

Recipe list

  1. Goulash
  2. Cucumber Pickles
  3. Eggplant Parmigiana
  4. Tuvan Lamb Dumplings
  5. Steak Chimichurri
  6. Sherry Mushroom Nudeln
  7. Salmon in Endive Boats
  8. Roasted Rosemary Root Veg
  9. Crepes de Blé Noir (Buckwheat Crepes)
  10. Nisu Finnish Coffee Bread
  11. Karjalan Piirakka
  12. Bruschetta
  13. Quiche Yin Yang
  14. Strawberries a la Pasquet
  15. Baklava
  16. Marvelous Asparagus      


• Other news

For 2019, I’m making an effort to combine what I do with what I believe in by donating 20 percent of net for all my USA shows to the Music for Life Alliance. In turn, MFLA funds my performances at benefit concerts for grassroots organizations like Guitars In the Classroom, Little Kids Rock, WO Smith, and many others. Next year a portion of the new cookbook/music CD will benefit the MFLA.

I should also mention, the “Nightlight Daylight” page includes a link to download a free bonus track.