I’m very excited about my new project, “Acoustic Chef,” an international cookbook with music to go with each recipe. I’ve collected recipes from my travels and am recording with musicians from a number of different countries, great fun! Thank you to my patrons for helping me get the ball rolling on this project. You can go to The Patron Page for a list of the latest recipes that you can request.

For 2019, I’m doing something for myself, making an effort to combine what I do with what I believe in by donating 20 percent of net for all my USA shows to the Music for Life Alliance. In turn, I plan to do more benefit concerts supported by MFLA, to help get instruments and lessons to kids via grassroots organizations like Guitars In the Classroom, Little Kids Rock, WO Smith, and many others.

I should also mention, the “Nightlight Daylight” page includes a link to download a free bonus track, if you haven’t already checked it out.