Discography and Bibliography


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Eclipse (CGD Music 2018)

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Nightlight Daylight (CGD Music 2014)

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Harp Guitars Under the Stars (CGD Music 2010)

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New World Flamenco (CGD Music 2009)

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Harp Guitar Christmas (CGD Music 2008)

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Wildcat CGD2005 (CGD Music Jan 2006)

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Uncut Gems (with Phil Keaggy, limited release) CGD8PKMA (CGD Music 2003)

New Classics for Guitar and Cello VLT15173  (Valley Ent. Music, 2003)

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Journey Through Time(limited release) CGD2002 (CGD Music, 2002)

Music for Life (limited release) CGD2000 (CGD Music, 2000)

Theme For Two Friends CGD99 (CGD Music 1999)

Heartstrings (Japan) Nippon Crown 1998 (out of print)

Guitar Muse (Japan) Nippon Crown 1998(out of print)

Christmas in Nashville (Japan) Nippon Crown 1998 (out of print)

A Little Christmas Gift CGDXMAS (CGD Music1995)

Le Duet RR9502 (Rarefied Records 1995)

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Hometown Live CGD300 (CGD Music 1993)

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Arioso from Paris CGD200 (CGD Music 1991)

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Heartstrings CGD168 (CGD Music 1989)

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Compilation CDs (Various artists)

Christmas Present Harp Guitar Music 2011

Further Beyond Six Strings Harp Guitar Music 2011

Beyond Six Strings Harp Guitar Music 2010

La Guitara Vanguard 2005

Guitar Fingerstyle II Narada 2001

Guitar Fingerstyle Narada 1997

Concert DVDs

Wonderlust: The DVD CGD Music, 2016

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Muriel Anderson Live in Europe CGD Music, 2006

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One Camera One Concert DVD Snapshot Music, 2004

Muriel Anderson’s All Star Guitar Night 10th Anniversary Mel Bay, 2004

Muriel Anderson’s All Star Guitar Night 2000 Homespun 2002

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Muriel Anderson’s All Star Guitar Night Homespun 1996

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Instructional DVDs

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Essentials: Chet Atkins Style Truefire 2016

Essentials: Fingerstyle Guitar Truefire 2015

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Rhythm Makeover Truefire 2014

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Fingerstyle 1-2-3 TrueFire 2012

50 Right Hand Techniques You Must Know TrueFire 2011

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Fingerstyle Guitar Essentials: Arranging in D TrueFire 2010

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Innovations for Acoustic Guitar TrueFire 2009

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Adventures in Fingerstyle Guitar:Techniques & Arrangements of Muriel Anderson Homespun 1997

Building Guitar Arrangements Video CGD Music 1994

10 Lessons TrueFire compilation 2010

Great Guitar Lessons Homespun compilation 2001


Selected Guitar Works Zen-On 2000

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Hometown Live Songbook Zen-On 2000

All Scales in All Positions Hal Leonard 2000

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All Chords in All Positions Hal Leonard 1996

Building Guitar Arrangements Book/CD Hal Leonard 1994

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Muriel Anderson Hometown Live Mel Bay 1998 version out of print

Chord ConstellationsCreative Concepts 1990 out of print

Compilation Books (Various artists)

Remembering Marcel Mel Bay 2001

Fingerstyle Guitar Solos Mel Bay 2000

Blues 2000 Mel Bay 2000

Portraits of Christmas Songbook/CD John August/Mel Bay 1996

Winfield Winners Songbook/CD John August/Mel Bay 1995


Guitars & Mandolins in America (recorded CD for book on Larson Brothers instruments)

Glenn & Holly Yarbrough:Family Portrait CD (produced by Muriel Anderson, Folk Era Records 1995)

Cikacas Piecisi: Vai Debesis Bus Latvija (produced by Muriel Anderson, Folk Era Records 1994)

Quoted in books:

My First Guitar: Tales of True Love and Lost Chords from 70 Legendary Musicians by Julia Crowe (ECW Press) Sep 1, 2012

Between the Strings by John August Schroeter

Country Humor by Billy Edd Wheeler