Upcoming shows

  • Mon Feb 19, 2018 Muriel Anderson in Naples, FL at Private Concert
  • Sat Feb 24, 2018 Muriel with “Eclipse” visual show in Key West, FL at Blue Room
  • Sun Feb 25, 2018 Muriel Anderson in Lake Park, FL at Kelsey Theatre
  • Mon Feb 26, 2018 Muriel Anderson in Orlando, FL at East Campus Performing Arts Center (PAC) Buy Tickets
  • Wed Feb 28, 2018 Muriel Anderson in Orlando, FL at Private Event

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Double Album: Nightlight Daylight

Placed first in 11 awards:

Nightlight Daylight , the first ever CD with interactive fiber optics cover.

Listen to and order:
In USA/Dollars
In Europe/Euros
and in Japan/Yen .
And now available on iTunes.

Free bonus track & discount for Nightlight Daylight

Get the free bonus track emailed to you.. To celebrate being named a Top-10 of the decade by Guitar Player Magazine, we have a discount on this page: Nightlight Daylight .

Over 8 million total views, 2M here

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