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Composer, guitarist, and harp guitarist Muriel Anderson is one of the few world class musicians equally at home with classical, bluegrass, fingerstyle and international music. The first woman to have won the National Fingerstyle Guitar Championship, host and founder of the renowned Muriel Anderson’s ALL STAR GUITAR NIGHT®, she enjoys sharing her joy of music via her charity, the MUSIC FOR LIFE ALLIANCE, as well as in her performances. She has recorded with country legend Chet Atkins, performed in New York with Les Paul, at Chicago’s Orchestra Hall with the Chicago Symphony and in Tennessee with the Nashville Chamber Orchestra. Her “Heartstrings” cassette traveled into space, accompanying astronaut Susan Helms for 2.3 million miles on the space shuttle “Discovery.” Muriel’s music can also be heard in Woody Allen’s film Vicky Cristina Barcelona. She enjoys touring as is evidenced by her “photos from the road” and “recipes from the road” on her website. Her new double CD Nightlight Daylight is a culmination of her creative spirit, and as of this week has garnered 11 national awards, top honors in each. It is the first CD to incorporate fiber optics in the packaging, her idea brought to life by photo-artist Bryan Allen.

Muriel fell in love with the guitar at an early age and learned every style available to her, beginning with folk, bluegrass, and then jazz in high school. She received a degree in music from DePaul University and went on to study with classical virtuoso Christopher Parkening and with Nashville legend Chet Atkins. She has composed music since about age five, and has written solo instrumentals and vocals, choral and orchestral compositions. She tours frequently with German duo TIERRA NEGRA. Their CD together, “New World Flamenco,” has been met with rave reviews.


Muriel Anderson gilt als eine der weltbesten akustisch Gitarristinnen und Harfengitarristinnen. Sie war die erste Frau, die die Natio­nal Fingerstyle Guitar Championship gewann. Sie ist Gastgeberin der renommierten, Muriel Anderson’s All Star Guitar Night“, eines Festivals, bei dem die erfolgreichsten Gitarristen aller Zeiten zusammen auftreten. Muriel Anderson ist außerdem Gründerin der Stiftung, Music For Life Alliance“.

Ihre, Heartstrings“ CD hat die Astronautin Susan Helms über 2,3 Millionen Meilen in dem Raumschiff, Space Shuttle Discovery, ins All begleitet, ebenfalls ist ihre Musik Teil des Soundtracks von Woody Allens erfolgreichem Kinofilm, Vicki Cristina Barcelona“.

Sie war mit der Country Legende Chet Atkins zusammen im Tonstudio, stand mit Les Paul auf der Bühne und ist mit dem Chicago Symphony Orchestra in der Chicago Orchestra Hall aufgetreten.

Wie kein anderer Gitarrist, überschreitet Sie in Ihrem Enthusiasmus musikalischen Stilgrenzen spielend. Muriel Anderson komponiert seit ihrem fünften Lebensjahr und ist über viele Monate im Jahr auf Welttournee.


Profondément respectée comme la première guitariste Américaine réellement polyvalente, Muriel Anderson a sorti deux vidéos, plusieurs recueils pédagogiques et sept albums aux Etats-Unis dont deux avec Jean-Felix Lalanne. Aussi à l’aise dans la musique classique que dans le “Bluegrass”,elle se démarque aussi par son talent incontestable d’arrangeur et de compositeur.

Elle est la première femme à avoir gagné le “National Fingerpicking Guitar Championship”, concours très respecté et reconnu aux USA. Muriel Anderson a composé des pièces pour guitare et violoncelle, guitare et chorale, guitare et orchestre et travaille actuellement à composer de nouvelles pièces pour l’Orchestre de Chambre de Nashville.


Uno dei più importanti chitarristi fingerstyle del mondo e arpa-chitarristi, Muriel Anderson è la prima donna ad aver vinto il National Fingerstyle Guitar Championship. Lei è ospite del famoso Muriel Anderson ALL STAR GUITAR NIGHT ® e fondatore della MUSIC FOR LIFE ALLIANCE carità.

La sua struttura attraverso i generi di folk, classica, jazz, bluegrass e musica internazionale è venerato dai chitarristi di tutto il mondo. Il suo approccio unico per lo strumento trasforma praticamente la chitarra in un coro lirico, poi una marching band, poi un koto giapponese, poi un gruppo Bluegrass, un minuto lancio in sintonia e un Beatles ‘prossimi, Chopin Valzer Minuto. Tour negli Stati Uniti e l’anno a livello internazionale, si stupisce continuamente il pubblico con la sua tecnica e endears con il suo senso dell’umorismo. Lei tour solista e anche insieme con i migliori della Germania Nuevo Flamenco duo, Tierra Negra.