Day 57 Hadley Harbor and David’s Blue

We enjoyed a day at beautiful Hadley Harbor, rowing to the islands and watching the jellyfish gracefully dance near the shore. (I swam near the boat, where there weren’t as many of them.) We saw a familiar motorboat come alongside us. It was David Isenberg and we visited until it was time to do my […]


Day 56 Cape Cod Canal & Josef’s Treat

We set the alarm for 2:30am yet again, and managed to be off anchor and on our way by 2:50, so that we’d get to the Cape Cod Canal while the tide was going our direction the entire way. The air filled with gulls diving into balls of bait fish making their way through the […]


Day 55 Valiant Captain & First Seasick

We left Isle of Shoals at 2:30 AM for the long crossing over to Provincetown.Contrary to the forecast, the wind was at a stiff beam reach, and so were the waves, at 6 to 8 feet, plus the occasional big one. After the first couple of waves broke over the side, we both donned full […]


Day 54 Return of the Flies

It was sunny summery weather on our sail to Isle of Shoals, but our enjoyment was interrupted by invaders. Biting black flies continued to board the boat the entire distance. They must have been sitting on the water and came up to the boat as it sailed by. I had some fly catchers that I […]


Day 53 Seal Cove & Richard Island

We passed some quaint lighthouses and did see a seals head pop up in the water on our way to seal Cove. We went to shore for a swim and collected some unusual rocks. Many were flat ovals. One was a smooth billy club, one a perfectly round ping pong shape, and a couple look […]


Day 52 Contrasts & Jewel Island 8-25

We sailed from Harpswell to Dolphin Marina, stopping to sit on the benches outside the harbor restaurant to do some internet. A big cruise boat was leaving just as Bryan was rowing to shore. The visual reminded me of the contrast between our sailing on a shoestring and the opulence of the cruise boat. We […]


Day 51 Harpswell Visit

We upped anchor and left Boothbay, sailing to the bottom of Harpswell Neck, and then dropped the sails to motor up the long channel. We were met by a  small motorboat . It was  Frank, who had helped us a couple weeks ago with the important props in Bryan’s vignette film. (I am not yet […]


Day 50 Surprise Scotch

As we await hurricane Ida, I recollect Henri from last week. Coincidentally Bryan’s parents’ names. He jests that they have come back to chase him around again. Here is the next entry from my First Mate’s Log. Fortunately what once was hurricane Henri has now fizzled into barely a whisper as it passed over us. […]


Day 49 Cloudburst Awaiting Storm

We had planned to be at Boothbay Harbor only a day or two but hurricane Elsa has been making tracks up the coast and we want to be securely on a mooring should the winds be strong. This is already the fourth day here, so we will pay the harbormaster for yet another day on […]


Day 48 Around the Campfire

Bryan connected with fellow boaters John and Deb Rapp, a couple he had met in harbor at Cuttyhunk a couple years ago. They were traveling by land and happened to be not far away so arranged to pick us up to share an outdoor dinner with new friends of theirs. It was at the home […]