Crystal Horizon (translation)

When I was a child I always looked at the sky

and I was wondering what’s beyond the crystal horizon

Dreams are reality there, horses fly,

the music, the truth, they open like flowers

When I grew up I flew over oceans

but in front of my eyes I still have that crystal horizon

Dreams are reality there and horses fly,

music and truth flow like a stream

I left home, I went far away

I went looking for tomorrow

It was always ahead of me, always, always in front of me

Although I found friends along the way

Now I’m no longer a child but I’m still searching

Will it always be far away, away from me?

Or is it something I already know?

Yes, it keeps changing forms

The crystal horizon, Created of my dreams

There, the crystal horizon …

What always are in my dreams

The crystal horizon, crystal

(Thank you to editor Pierpaolo Adda, and many others)