Day 20 Manana Island 7/24

We rowed out to try to tie up at the coastguard landing only to find the pier was about 10 feet over our heads. Truly only accessible at high tide, and Maine has major swings in tide. The  white haired man who lives of the island, Daniel, rowed out to us and offered that we could tie up behind his dinghy and explore the island. This was a real privilege, an island with only goat trails and the remains of an old tram that is seen in the background of Bryan’s favorite painting by his great uncle Junius Allen. When we reached the top of the island, views from all directions were gorgeous.
We then rowed the opposite direction to Monhegan and took the cliff trail to the highest cliff in Maine. Bryan walked right to the edge with the toes of his flip flops bending over the precipice to take photos and videos of the tuna boats scattered across the water, as the tuna were running today.

By the lighthouse was a museum and we had a nice interview with the docent, an older gentleman who knew Junius Allen and owned one of his paintings. We returned to the sailboat and motor-sailed to muscle ridge. We anchored at Dix island next to our friend, luthier Nicholas Apollonia’s boat. We played a couple tunes together and watched a full moon rise over the islands.