Day 29 First Mate’s Log

I recorded last Monday Live while the tide was coming up, and had to keep running back to pull the tender higher up on the shore. It’s too heavy for me to bring it all the way up, and tides are stronger yet today, 11 feet or more. If you didn’t catch it, the link is  Yes, to answer several questions, that is a McPherson small body carbon fiber guitar, steel string but I strung it with nylon for the trip. Of the many texts during the stream I got one from Michael Erikinnen saying he was on a sailboat in the very neighboring harbor. Was this the same Michael who hosted a multi-day guitar workshop back in 2000? Sure enough! We had already set sail by the time I read the text, so we agreed to meet at Swan’s Island. In the same string, I heard from Charles Bernier, another sailor who we plan to catch on our way back to Long Island. Truly, sailing and music are both small worlds.

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