Day 55 Valiant Captain & First Seasick

We left Isle of Shoals at 2:30 AM for the long crossing over to Provincetown.
Contrary to the forecast, the wind was at a stiff beam reach, and so were the waves, at 6 to 8 feet, plus the occasional big one. After the first couple of waves broke over the side, we both donned full rain gear. I asked Bryan if we could both wear life jackets and if he would tether to something should he need to go on deck to fix a sail or unhook a sheet. Fortunately he agreed. I was busy getting rain gear and such down below and the ride was so bumpy that I didn’t feel like eating much other than a ginger candy and cup of tea. Feeling a little green, I took a big sip of water. However, that water bottle must have been filled from some little used tap, it tasted awful and didn’t do much for my growing sense of nausea. Bryan was very valiant and manned the tiller the entire time. He didn’t ask me to do anything, which was good because I didn’t feel like doing ANYTHING – not sitting, standing, nor laying down, not eating and not not-eating. My first time seasick and I can now understand when people don’t engage and seize life, I’ll just ask them “are you seasick?” I was so glad to pull into calm waters some 16 hours later, and felt instantly better.

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