Day 8 Gloucester family ties 7/12

There was a steady rain most of the night through the early afternoon. We set bags to catch the 4 relatively small leaks around the hatches and windows, and made a note to work on those areas later. When Bryan stepped into the dinghy all the water rushed to that area and nearly capsized it. Once the rain lifted we sailed into the inner harbor where the harbormaster gave us a place to tie up for a few hours right behind the coast guard boat and the beautiful large schooner “Adventure,“ once owned by Captain Jim Sharp who we will visit later in Maine. Elizabeth at the harbor was very helpful. I called John Orlando who owns my great aunt and uncle’s house just behind the fisherman’s statue, now converted into Harbor View B and B, to arrange a visit. (Elisabeth was surprised to overhear me calling John, as they are good friends.
Bob McGlinchey who has been following along our acousticsailing YouTube channel met us at the dock and gave me a great tour and inside scoops on historic Gloucester, including the fisherman’s wives statue where my grandfather’s and great uncle’s names are inscribed in the tiles. We swung by the music store where one of my old harp guitars is still in the window. I broadcast my Monday live from the from the harbor. We were going to head back to the outer harbor but found there was a small federal anchorage area right in the inner harbor! This is near the adventure schooner and all the commercial fishing boats but we realized that the boats on their way out of the harbor make less of a wake than in the outer harbor where they gain speed, so we settled down for a less bouncy night & early morning.

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