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Eclipse CD enclosed in a greeting card

A CD of harp-guitar music to evoke the magic of the solar eclipse, enclosed in a greeting card. Write your own message on the inside and send it to a friend in the included envelope—use as a holiday, birthday, host thank you, special occasion card, or just to catch up with old friends while giving a full CD of music.

A great follow-up to Muriel’s Nightlight Daylight, the multi award-winning CD with lights that was chosen as one of the top 10 CDs of the decade by Guitar Player Magazine.

“I had such a magical experience playing harp guitar during the solar eclipse and sharing with friends while Bryan Allen took fantastic photos that we created ‘ECLIPSE’ to capture that feeling.” …Muriel

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Nearly all of the 12 tunes are on solo harp guitar. Here is Moondance:

Track List, Composers, Notes

1. Moonshadow 3:33 by Cat Stevens © 1971 Cat Music Limited. This was requested by several people as I was playing harp guitar on the lawn during the total solar eclipse in Nashville. I improvised on it, and recorded it for you similar to how I played it then.

2. Night Lights 4:10 by Muriel Anderson, © 2013 Heartstrings Attached Music, BMI. This is a rather challenging solo harp guitar arrangement of a tune I wrote for a full ensemble, with vocal pads and flamenco guitar on the Nightlight Daylight CD.

3. Moondance 3:31 by Van Morrison © 1970 WB Music Corp and Caledonia Soul Music. Also a tune requested while I was playing harp guitar during the eclipse, this is one of Van Morrison’s classics.

4. Midnight Solo 4:25 by Muriel Anderson, © 2009 Heartstrings Attached Music, BMI. Written at midnight alone in The Netherlands, it is indeed guitar solo for the first half of the tune and my friend Leo Henrichs from Tierra Negra joins me halfway through with an improv solo.  This was recorded in Amsterdam shortly after writing it.

5. View from Space 5:07 by Muriel Anderson, © 2010 Heartstrings Attached Music, BMI. I wrote View from Space upon seeing the images from the Space Shuttle Discovery, on which my Heartstrings recording accompanied the astronauts on their voyage.  This is a solo harp guitar arrangement and I’ve recorded as a harp guitar duet on the CD, “Harp Guitars Under the Stars.

6. Starry Starry Night (Vincent) 3:32 by Don McLean © 1971 Benny Bird Co., Inc.  I’ve had many requests to record this beautiful song the way I play it in concert, on solo harp guitar.

7. Moonscapes (I’ll Never Sing Another Song) 3:44 by Muriel Anderson, © 2005 Heartstrings Attached Music, BMI. Written from my hotel room in Tokyo while on tour, I later composed lyrics and the vocal version appears on my Wildcat CD.

8. Imagine 3:38 by John Lennon © 1971 Lenono Music. Experiencing the solar eclipse always spurs the imagination, so I thought it appropriate to include John Lennon’s classic song.

9. Totality 3:14 by Muriel Anderson, © 2017 Heartstrings Attached Music, BMI. I wrote this instrumental to describe how a minor section or even one minor chord in a tune makes the major part even more beautiful, the way sad times in life make the happy times more treasured and beautiful.

10. Both Sides Now 3:12 by Joni Mitchell © 1967 Siquomb Publishing Corp.  I always loved this song.  After the totality, when the moon came around to the other side of the sun, was the right time to play Both Sides Now.

11. Why Worry 4:15 by Mark Knopfler © 1985 Chariscourt Limited (PRS). People have historically been frightened by the eclipse. Why Worry?

12. How High the Moon / Here Comes the Sun 3:08 by Morgan Lewis © 1940 Chapelle & Co. Inc. /George Harrison © 1969 Harrisongs Ltd. Thanks Steve King for recommending the first tune in this medley.

Total disc time: 46:10

Each card comes with its own envelope. When sending to friends, the postal service suggests bringing the card to the post office to get it hand-canceled or write “do not bend” or “non-machinable” on the envelope and attaching two first-class stamps or 91₵ postage.

Instruments, recording, and artwork credits
Muriel Anderson, solo harp guitar, with the exception of #9 on DT steel string DT parlor guitar and #4 on classical guitar with improv guitar solo by Leo Henrichs.
#8 is Mike Brittain harp guitar with Lukas Brunner attachable super-trebles. #7 is Mike Doolin requinto harp guitar and all others are Mike Doolin 20-string harp guitar.
All tunes recorded in Nashville TN with the exception of#7 recorded live in Chicago IL and #4 recorded by Neil Denholm, All Ears Sound, Amsterdam.
Mayfield Mastering, Nashville TN. Typesetting by Susan Mangen.
Photography by Bryan Allen

Fan reviews

“The number one item on my list this year was Eclipse, and it was given to me by Rosie, my spouse. I can’t say enough about it. Your playing and expression are excellent throughout. The pieces you chose–both those you arranged, like “Moonshadow,” and your compositions, like “Moonscapes”–are among my personal favorites. All are excellent, and the transformation of “I’ll Never Sing Another Song” to an instrumental was exceptionally well done. I may not have heard a harp guitar sound this good before, and it will stand among the very best of all guitar albums. I’ll be listening to this for a long time.” …Al Norton

“I love the CD–trying not to stare directly at it for too long! Your originals shine to my mind; they are extraordinary, but the whole cd really is great. I’ve been able to listen to it a couple of times now all the way through nice and loud and in ‘totality’ It flows perfectly! It is really going to be played a lot around here no doubt! Totality is maybe my favorite. But I love Moonscapes as well and thought that the View From Space sounded punchier than I have heard it before, solid!! You even covered my least-favorite Lennon song so well I almost actually like it again!! That’s the best version ever of that song! What a perfect set-list this album–if played live from head to toe–would be!”  …Christopher Hiers

“Muriel’s music is meant to draw out and make us feel the beauty and wonder and majesty of the universe, as illustrated by her last project, Nightlight Daylight, and her new project, Eclipse.” …A. Chiarelli