Day 34 Direction: Somes

We motored out of Burnt Coat Harbor, not quite sure what direction to head. Bryan wanted to get as far east as Roque, but realized it might be a race to get back home in time for September gigs. The wind was light and variable, so not conducive to shoot further east, clinching the decision to visit more islands in this area and then start our way gradually back west. Bryan had read about Somes harbor in the Maine book I got him for his birthday, so we made that our destination. We rowed ashore and walked to a library where there was an open internet signal outside the building where we could upload files we needed to send, and post some First Mate’s logs and some tunes for my Monday Live. There is a new feature on my format that allows me to use some prerecorded content, so that I can respond directly to people’s texts in real time, provided I have an internet signal on Mondays.