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Welcome to my Sync-Licensing page. There is a great variety of original music here, inspired by many countries and traditions. I hope you enjoy the music and find the right fit for your project.

My music was used in Woody Allen’s “Vicki Cristina Barcelona” and I recently recorded a custom project on harp-guitar for a video game in L.A. The music on this page is pre-cleared for one-stop licensing. Unless otherwise noted, all songs are composed and recorded by me and I control 100% of the sync and master. I’m looking forward to the prospect of working with you!

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More to be posted soon. For more information or for something specific that you are looking for, feel free to email me. Thank you! …Muriel

The Optimism Collection * Guitar Instrumentals

If there are two genres that describe my music they can be expressed as 1. Optimistic music and 2. Heart-wrenchingly moving music. All of the following 29 tunes belong to the first category and some belong to both. All are original instrumentals unless otherwise noted. (Vocals will follow.)






Gentle, Happy, Flowing, Acoustic

Solo Guitar


Happy, Take 6, pop, melodic

Guitars, Victor Wooten bass, Danny Gottlieb drums, vocals by Mark Kibble

Lullaby for Leo

Loving, sweet, melodic, Acoustic, classic

Classical guitar, Victor Wooten on bass, percussion, orchestra


Flamenco, rhumba, locomotion, moving

Flamenco guitars with Tierra Negra, Victor Wooten bass, percussion

Two Shores

Acoustic, Celtic, Irish, New age, classical, rolling

Guitars with Phil Keaggy, cello Tom Shinness

Bells for Marcel

Acoustic, pop,

Guitar, acoustic bass, drums, percussion, piano

Ferryboat Crossing

Soothing, motion, percolating, melodic, Take 6 vocals

Guitars with Phil Keaggy,, drums, vocals by Mark Kibble

Nola (Public Domain)

Ragtime, early American, virtuosic

Solo guitar

View from Space

Sparkling, new age, spacy, percolating

Solo harp guitar

Ammirabile Waltz

Ethnic, Italian, old-fashioned, melodic, waltz

Guitar, accordion, bass, drums

Mister Chester

Fingerstyle, Chet Atkins, Travis picking, fingerpicking, fun, charming, witty

Solo guitar

Lady Pamela

Irish, Celtic

Guitar and Stuart Duncan on fiddle

Along the Seine

Rolling, movement, acoustic

Steel string guitar and percussion

A Fine Pickle

Ragtime, old-fashioned, fun

Steel string guitar, tuba, trombone, trumpet, sax

I’ll See You Someday

Acoustic, melodic, sweet

Solo guitar

Simple Gifts (Public Domain)

Shaker melody, simple beauty

Solo guitar

Remember to Recycle

Fun, happy

Acoustic and electric guitars with Phil Keaggy

Summer Morning Rain

Beautiful, tender, descriptive of rain

Solo guitar

Prelude To A New Morning

Classical, 5/8 time, Bach inspired

Solo guitar

Parisian Waltz

Classical, Bach inspired

Classical guitar duo

Where The Heart Is

New Age, melodic, gentle

Guitars with Phil Keaggy

Living Out A Dream

Pop, moving, energetic

Classical guitar, cello

Prelude To Joy

Classical, tremolo, Beethoven inspired

Solo guitar

Hymn For All The Answered Prayers

Classical, religious, stately, gently grandiose

Harp guitar and strings


Classical, loving, tender, beautiful melody

Solo guitar


Classical, virtuosic, etude, rolling, presto

Solo guitar

Fantasia De Fuego

Flamenco, nuovo flamenco, Spanish, Latin, virtuosic, rapid

Flamenco guitars, bass, percussion


Charming, melodic

Acoustic guitar, cello

Crystal Horizon

Classical, 5/4 time, complex, melodic, unusual

Classical guitar, clarinet

Acoustic Chef * International Music

The following collection is inspired by music (and food) from around the world. Please feel free to email me for the recipes!






Hungarian, ethnic

Harp guitar, fiddle, accordion

Tuvan Horseman

Tuvan, Mongolian

Harp guitar, traditional Tuvan instruments and vocals

Tater Patch Medley


Steel string acoustic guitar, fiddle, clawhammer banjo, bass

The Old Man and the Sea

Spanish, South American

Harp guitar, drums, congas, bass

The Immigrant

Finnish, Scandinavian Waltz

Steel string guitar, accordion

El Léon


Flamenco guitars and palmas

Orizzonte di Cristallo

Italian, Complex Rhythms in 5/4

Steel string guitars, bass, cello, percussion, and vocals


Finnish folk song

Harp guitar, kantele, and vocals

JS Baklava

Classical, Greek

Harp guitar, bouzouki, violins, viola, cello, percussion

Vocals (From Wildcat CD)






Hard to describe

Voice, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, drums

St. Louis Waltz

Traditional, old time, original, celebrating Saint Louis

Voice with harmony vocals, steel-string guitar, bass, fiddle, piano, drums

Rio de Janeiro

Samba, Latin, optimism in the face of rejection

Voice with harmony vocal, nylon-string guitar, bass, drums, percussion

I’ll Never Sing Another Song

Sad, beautiful, lost love

Voice, steel-string guitar, violin, viola, cello, bass


Lost love, nature

Voice, nylon-string guitar, bass, percussion

Castles in the Sand

Overcoming adversity, hurricane relief, tender

Voice, harp-guitar, cello



Voice, steel-string guitar, bass, drums, electric guitar

The Journeyman


Voice, nylon-string guitar, piano

New Classics for Guitar & Cello

Romantic original music for guitar and cello in a classic style.





Minstrel’s Courtyard

Renaissance, classical, complex

Classical Guitar & Cello

Parisian Waltz

Classical, cheerful, motion, café

Classical Guitar & Cello

Theme for Two Friends

Beautiful, touching, emotional

Classical Guitar & Cello

Great Blue Heron

Beauty, slow moving, rippling

Classical Guitar & Cello


Classical, moving melody, love

Classical Guitar & Cello

Calm Before the Storm

Medium tempo accompaniment with slow moving melody

Acoustic Guitar & Cello

Song for Liona

Tremolo, classical

Classical Guitar & Cello

Little Sister’s Child

Child-like, innocent

Classical Guitar & Cello

Waiting for Matthew


Classical Guitar & Cello

Orchestral Music

Here are some of my compositions with orchestra. Several of the guitar and cello compositions such as “Parisian Waltz” have also been scored for string quartet.





Owl’s Psalm

with the Nashville Chamber Orchestra

Nola (public domain)

with the Nashville Chamber Orchestra


demo with synth orchestra


demo with synth orchestra

Eclipse * View From Space

These are originals from the Eclipse greeting card/CD





Night Lights

Dreamy, sparkly

Harp guitar

Midnight Solo

Sweet, minor, sad

Two nylon-string guitars

View From Space

Dreamy, sparkly

Harp guitar


spacey, pretty, melodic, dreany

Harp guitar


Sweet, minor to major, melodic, waltz

Harp guitar