Day 36: A Magical Path

We left south Somes in the morning.  Bryan spotted a group of three small uninhabited islands that weren’t mentioned in the Maine cruising book, so curiosity prompted us to anchor there and row ashore. The shore was lined by egg-size multicolored stones perfectly polished by years of ocean currents. We made our was across the rolling footing and climbed up on the rock ledges. Leaving Bryan who was taking photos there, I found a little path through the woods lined with mosses, mushrooms and pine trees along the edge of the island. There was a lovely smell, similar to balsam but sweeter that got richer and more enticing as I walked, beckoning me to keep going deeper into the woods. I felt as though Ulysses with the sirens. At one point I sensed some reason I shouldn’t continue, and followed the path back. I suppose if I had continued onwards, this log would have a more interesting story. I believe this island is called Great Gott.

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