Gifts & Tip Jar

There are 4 ways to send a gift, contribute to tip jar, or pay a custom amount.

  1. For credit card click “Add to Cart” below
  2. Paypal link
  3. For Venmo, pay to: @muriel-anderson
  4. By mail, send to: Pamela Hardy, 4700 Bridle Path Ct, SouthChesterfield, VA 23803  It will promptly be forwarded to Muriel.
  5. Order a Gift Pack

Any size contribution will enter you into the raffles on Fri July 17. Unless notated for other purpose, proceeds to be shared with the Auburn State Theater. Thank you for your support!

Donate or use this link to pay any amount



Thank you for your contribution to keep the music alive during this time. If your amount is to be used for a particular expense you may EMAIL me to specify. Very much appreciated! Muriel
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