Essentials: Arranging in D Download



Arranging in the Key of D is the first in a series of  Fingerstyle Essentials acoustic guitar lessons from the very accomplished fingerstyle performer, composer and arranger. Over the course of this series Muriel will guide you through a series of examinations covering the arranging, composing, technical and creative attributes of fingerstyle guitar.

About the Guitar Lesson
Students play their way through Arranging in the Key of D Students without having to struggle through tedious theory and boring exercises.

While all the material in the course could be classified at the intermediate level, you will be able to produce very professional and wonderful sounding results. The course also challenges your creativity. I’ll present the first section of a tune, along with recommended approaches and techniques, and then I’ll encourage and guide you to create your own version before sharing the complete arrangement.

You will learn how to play and craft acoustic guitar arrangements Muriel reveals her own favorite “guitaristic” qualities of D while sharing very inventive ways to arrange compose and create very beautiful harmonies in this popular key for guitar.

What you get
Video software (Windows and Mac) with TrueFire’s Lesson Player, PIP, full-screen, looping, slow motion, keyboard shortcuts, plus…

  • 61 Minutes of Video
  • Practice Rhythm Tracks
  • Text Commentary
  • Tab and Notation
  • Power Tab