Next project…

Thanks to the support from my patrons, I have begun work on the next project, one that I’ve wanted to do for well over 20 years, but had never been able to budget the time. I’m taking new compositions for solo guitar as well as guitar and vocals, and pairing with a book. If you’d like more info on the project, please visit my PATRON page.

The new Wonderlust DVD includes new tunes with Muriel’s performances and introductions, and the option to enjoy just the music and beautiful images.
When Muriel first encountered Bryan Allen’s work, she knew she had found her artistic soulmate–she was amazed to find that his photo-art was saying the same thing as her music. They went on to create the 11-award winning Nightlight Daylight CD, and in the process discovered that their artistic affinity extended to the heart. They combined their artistry in a live context, and this show is the result. Bryan’s stunning visuals provide an insightful backdrop to Muriel’s music, accentuating the audience experience as never before. A virtual tour around the world in music and imagery.
There is also a “Special Features” of fun moments along the recent tour of Europe. (If you’d like to buy it as part of a gift bundle, click here)

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1. View from Space
2. A Fine Pickle
3. The Immigrant
4. The Matador
5. Two Shores
6. Ferryboat Crossing
7. Train to Arnhem
8. Sakura
9. Ammirabile Waltz
10. Summer Morning Rain
11. A Bakers Dozen
12. Bluegrass Medley
13. Under Paris Skies

“You almost need a passport.” …A fan upon seeing the show