Muriel’s Gear


Tierra Negra model flamenco guitar
Tierra Negra Model Flamenco Guitar Closeup
Paris Banchetti Classical guitar
Banchetti Classical Closeup

Muriel’s signature model steel string Morris guitar
Muriel with Morris Guitar

David Taylor steel string ladies parlour guitar
David Taylor Parlor Guitar

David Taylor Harp Guitar
David Taylor Harp Guitar

Mike Doolin harp guitar
Doolin Harp Guitar

Mike Doolin 21-string harp guitar
Doolin 21-string Harp guitar

Mike Brittain Harp guitar, requinto size for touring
muriel and stanley brittain harp guitar

GHS Strings

Muriel Anderson Signature Classics maintain a perfectly clear pitch on every string, while giving her the beautiful tone that is her signature sound. The treble strings of the set are made from titanium alloy to last longer and improve the strings clarity, especially on the third string. In addition each treble’s knob end is uniquely designed to prevent slippage while changing strings. The winter silver basses are made in GHS’s factory in Michigan and have a perfectly balanced tone. They are standard high tension classics, with the 6th string slightly higher tension to accomodate dropped tunings.

Listen to the purity of tone as you strike each string. You can hear the difference, GHS has come out with a string that can really improve the tone of your guitar.  -Muriel Anderson

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Muriel uses a Stonecastle Blues Boy pedalboard with Seymor Duncan’s D-Tar pickup and equinox when using direct signals in larger venues.  Her preferred recording mic is the Brauner VM-1.
Brauner Microphone