GHS Signature Nylon Strings (2 sets)




The treble strings are made from titanium alloy to last longer and improve the strings’ clarity, In addition each treble’s knob end is uniquely designed to prevent slippage while changing strings. The winter silver basses are made in GHS’s factory in Michigan and have a perfectly balanced tone. They are standard high tension classics, with the 6th string slightly higher tension to accommodate dropped tunings.

“Listen to the purity of tone as you strike each string. You can hear the difference, GHS has come out with a string that can really improve the tone of your guitar.” Muriel Anderson

Muriel Anderson Signature Classics

La Classique – Nylon Trebles/Winter Silver™ Basses

MODEL# 1st-E 2nd-B 3rd-G 4th-D 5th-A 6th-E
MA2390 TI-1 TI-2 TI-3 9424 9435 9436

Price includes two sets of strings.

Here is a short video that I made to show a easy way to put them on your guitar! Also here are diagrams.