Woodshed sessions

Woodshed session

Posting easy short lessons from the woodshed on my youtube page this week. You may like to subscribe for more clips. Here is one from Truefire’s Essentials Chet Atkins style course for you to try out.

Chet DVD 150w

New Chet Atkins style course released

My new Truefire course, Essentials: Chet Atkins Style is released. Thanks for the great reviews coming in. Here is one: “I have been working on his style for awhile now and your course breaks it down to a more simple level that helps get the foundation without just playing patterns. I am actually making music! […]

Muriel with harp guitar performing a/v show

Muriel Anderson and Bryan Allen Weave a Spell of Music and Imagery

Guitar Player wrote a great feature about our a/v show. “Muriel Anderson has always been one of those rare guitarists who can put so much heart into demanding music that listeners tend to absorb her formidable melodic and technical skills as something like a film soundtrack. You hear the artistry and the creativity and the […]

Silvi's Pecan Pie

Sylvi’s Pecan Pie

My niece came up with a modification to the traditional pie, that was the hit of Thanksgiving dinner. She was kind to share it with us! Use any crust recipe or premade. Preheat oven to 350 2 T butter 1 1/2 cups chopped pecans 3 eggs beaten 1 c real maple syrup scant 1/2 c […]


“Wonderlust” Live Audio Visual show is launched

Thank you all for such a fantastic response to the debut of the new live show with the stunning visual backdrops by Bryan Allen. We’ll be doing more of them in December and January. I look forward to sharing the experience with you! In the interim, we are celebrating with a CD giveaway on my […]


Finnish Coffee Bread (Nisu or Pulla)

This is my great-grandmother’s recipe. We call it “nisu” but modern Finns call this “pulla” and Swedes know it as “bolla.” Our family came four generations ago from the far north of Finland, and in 1880 there it was still called “nisu” so in our family it is nisu. There are many other ways to […]

Dessert fruit pizza

Dessert Fruit Pizza

I’m not usually big on desserts, but every now and then is one that knocks my socks off! This was made by Pam Ferrucci in Livermore, CA. I look forward to returning to play at the Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center on Jan 8th, and I hope she makes it again then! Hint hint.. (Spray […]