Love In A Mist

I’m rewarding myself, kind of a life palate cleanse by weeding my garden this morning. In amongst the tall weeds is this beautiful little “love in a mist” flower. The seeds came from Velzoe’s garden in Santa Cruz, thanks to her gardener Andy. It’s a beautiful reminder of my friend Velzoe Brown. You can check […]

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Just posted- View from Space

I wrote View from Space inspired by the images from the space shuttle Discovery, where my “Heartstrings” CD accompanied astronaut Susan Helms. …She told me it was good music to watch the earth by.  I’m playing it live at the Muriel Anderson’s All Star Guitar Night at the Ryman Auditorium in 2009, together with some […]

Over a million views

Wow, in just 12 days, I wonder how far this will go! I’m playing Mark Knopfler’s “Why Worry” on a Brunner harp guitar that folds into a backpack.

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The best way to change nylon strings

Here’s the best way I’ve found to change nylon strings, along with written instructions and a diagram showing how to tie the strings at the bridge. I use my GHS signature classic strings, which you can get at your local music store or order here.


Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July from the boat! With great respect for all those who contributed to the building of this country. PS. Just posted: photos from the All Star Guitar Night.

Woodshed sessions

Woodshed session

Posting easy short lessons from the woodshed on my youtube page this week. You may like to subscribe for more clips. Here is one from Truefire’s Essentials Chet Atkins style course for you to try out.