Attachable Trebles

The attachable trebles that Lukas Brunner designed and built for me are now available! You can check it out HERE.

Luke just sent me the following details.

The Muriel Trebles are easily attachable and removable with the bungee cord and a shrink tube covered Aluminum rod that clamps Trebles onto any guitar body, from a small body Parlor guitar to a big Jumbo. (see video) 

Acoustic sound:

The Muriel Trebles are loud enough to blend in nicely with the natural guitar sound as you can hear on the video. The sound is transfered onto the guitar top through the round leather covered button on the back side of the Trebles. Its position is specifically placed on a bit vibrant area on the guitar top to transfer the sound. The ledge at the bottom end on the other hand is sitting on the stiff guitar edge and does not dampen the guitar sound. It is also covered in leather and therefor doesn’t cause any problem with any guitar finish. The leather also provides just enough friction for the Trebles to nicely stay in place.


The Muriel Trebles come with a K&K passive pick-up system which has a really high output level and a nice sound for a passive pick-up. It can easily be used without an external preamp. However, the output level and also the sound only gets better of you can run it through a nice external preamp additionally. 


The main tuners are 1:1 small tuning pins as you would find on a harp for example. These can only be adjusted with the provide tuning key. On the top end there are violin fine tuners installed which make fine tuning really easy and smooth.


The Muriel Trebles can be used with either Steel or Nylon ball end strings! The fine tuners do work better with the Nylon strings, but it really works as well with nylons! 

Since the scale length is a bit on the long side for the highest strings I recommed using the following gauges for steel strings: 012 / 012 / 011 / 011 / 010 / 010 / 009 / 009

For the Nylon string simply use the highest E string (high tension) with ball ends. GHS offers those for example. 


All Muriel Trebles are made of pre-bent birch plywood and are reinforced with four curved carbon rods. The veneer covers are addionally glued on in an arched mould add more siffness.

In this batch we used a collection of different woods such as Walnut, Birdeye Maple, Black colored Pear, Cherry (and even some Brazilian Rosewood just for fun since I still had some nice veneer laying around. Not showing in these pictures though…). 


CHF490.- to CHF550.- depending on the woods incl. K&K Pick-up and Softbag, excl. shipping and your countries possible import tax


3 years warranty on any construction components. Excluded are the fine tuners and the pick-up system. Also shipping costs both ways are not covered! Should you ever break and fine tuner, those can easily be ordered at Brunner Guitars for CHF 5.- plus postage

Other players: You can check out recordings by Harald Peterstorfer, a fine player who uses supertrebles and built his own trebles.