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Algarve, Portugal

Thank you Eudoro for the invitation to perform our multimedia show at the Lagoa Guitar Festival, together with the NegroMonte duo. I’m glad we had some extra days to enjoy the beautiful landscapes.


Concert in Madrid

Thank you to Luis Gallo for putting together a wonderful band at the prestigious Clamores Jazz club, (not Calamares) and thank you to our friend Santiago for the excellent tour of Madrid. Bryan and I met Luis and Santiago at an Indian restaurant in Anaheim, California where we all broke out instruments and started jamming on […]


Festival jamming

I’ve enjoyed seeing new and old friends, and jamming on and off stage with John McCutcheon, Helen and Christie, The Quitters, Alexander Boldachev and others at this week’s festivals in Winfield Kansas and in Arkansas. Coming up, Portugal, Spain, and France, with some R & R time as well!


Attachable Trebles

The attachable trebles that Lukas Brunner designed and built for me are now available! You can check it out HERE. Luke just sent me the following details. The Muriel Trebles are easily attachable and removable with the bungee cord and a shrink tube covered Aluminum rod that clamps Trebles onto any guitar body, from a […]


Visit to Wooten Woods

I enjoyed hanging with and learning from the brilliant Wooten Brothers, and naturalist Richard Cleveland who gave some great insights to native plants. If you’ve never been to Victor Wooten’s Music and Nature Camp, put it on your to-do list! It’s a life-changing experience for many.


A week at The Clearing

I enjoyed recorder camp at The Clearing, joining my parents, my sister, Pat Badger and the rest of the group as we played two compositions I wrote for harp guitar and recorder ensemble, “The Clearing,” and “Marguerite’s Reel.”


Now recording…

I’m so excited, as I’m writing this, the talented Lulo Reinhardt, Django’s grandson, is recording to my “Sous Le Ciel de Paris” with engineer, Greg, for the upcoming recipe book project. I’m including guest musicians in the style/country of each tune, and of course recipes to go with each. More at


Memorial Day

Thinking of those who went before us, and greetings to families who are getting together this weekend. For ourselves, we took the boat out today, so there will be a bluefish for dinner. This coming week, please join me in NJ and PA: