Hawaii Arts Integration

I recently played a benefit concert for a Friends of Pomaika’i, a wonderful arts integration school spearheaded by Rae Takemoto. It’s a beacon for total and joyful education. I’d love to see its vision spread across the country. hope to see you this week on the Big Island, or next week in CA!

Hawaii this week

Hawaii this week

Thank you all for the lovely time in Maui, now on to the Big Island, then California tour. Link to Tour Schedule Photo by Bruce Scheer.


Holidays with family

We enjoyed a lovely time with family, which of course always includes traditional Finnish nisu and pinwheel tarts. One highlight is that Bryan made my mother a giant Scrabble game so that she can see the pieces and play her favorite game again.

Enjoy the holidays!

Enjoy the holidays!

There is free shipping for regular mail, add Priority Mail to your cart for faster shipping. Thanks for the great response to Acoustic Chef. We will pick up more copies on Dec 23. If you are in Downers Grove, IL you can swing by and pick up a copy at Maximum Printers. More info at […]


Steve & Johnnie show Nov 29

WGN radio invited Steve and Johnnie back to do a special show Friday Nov 29. Thom Bresh and I will be guests at 8pm. Tune in at or 720 on the AM dial in Chicago.


Andy McKee’s Musicarium

In July 2020, I will be teaching and performing at Andy McKee’s Musicarium at the EarthRise Institute in Petaluma, CA. Other guest instructors are Antoine Dufour, Mike Dawes, Calum Graham, Trevor Gordon Hall, Michael Manring, and of course Andy McKee. Those who register by Christmas will get 10% off registration and a FREE ToneWoodAmp. Enter […]


Quebec and Paris

A windy day today, walking around old Quebec. Similar weather last week in Paris. Can you tell which is which? Tomorrow near Buffalo, then NC, VA With Benoit and Claude