by the door of Schloss Leopoldskron, the setting of an iconic film, look familiar?

Spontaneous concert in Salzburg Austria

Yesterday was our free day when we passed through Salzburg. Someone on texted me that he had a friend, Tim Hubler, who could meet us at the train station in Salzburg and give us some ideas for sights to see.  It turns out Tim is a musician, classical pianist and composer who used to live in […]

And of course, an ice cream

Photos Germany

Upcoming shows:  Neuburg/Donau,  Langenau, Garmisch, Millstatt Austria festival, Budapest  Photos with hosts Michael and Josef in Weissenburg

Akoustic Guitar Eclipse reveiw

Eclipse featured in Germany

Tonight  I’ll be playing an outdoor show with our “Eclipse” visuals, underneath the full lunar eclipse in the center of the old town in Neuberg Germany. This article just came out in the German Akusik Gitarre Magazine


New Harp Guitar for Europe Tour!

My Lukas Brunner Swiss folding harp guitar is done and on its way to Germany for my upcoming tour of Germany, Austria and Budapest.   I’m excited to see what music it will inspire!

Youtube page hits 1 million views

Just posted an addendum to the Changing Nylon Strings video. Here is a link to the tutorial playlist If you’d like, subscribe to my page for a note when I post a new video.


Karijalan Piirakka

A staple of the Finnish diet (at least mine every day while in Finland) these simple rice and rye pies from Karelia are served everywhere we went, and I never seemed to tire of them. Although now usually bought pre-made, Finns take pride in making the perfect Karijalan piirakka. Ingredients DOUGH: 2 deciliter water (just […]

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Harp Guitar Video

I just posted on my youtube page “Summer Morning Rain” from a past All Star Guitar Night in Nashville. Here is the link: I’m posting a new video every Sunday, some performance and some free teaching sessions. Please subscribe to my youtube channel for a heads up each time I post a new one. […]