First Mate’s Log Day 20 Silvery Images

We slept well and were surprised that the outward bound boat anchored near us was so courteous, and wondered how 13 girls on a 30 foot upen boat could be so quiet. We also wondered how they slept in the makeshift tent of a sailcloth dropped over a boom.We bid a temporary farewell to Nick, […]


Day 19 Man of Manana Island

We rowed out to try to tie up at the coastguard landing only to find the pier was about 10 feet over our heads. Truly only accessible at high tide, and Maine has major swings in tide. The  white haired man who lives of the island, Daniel, rowed out to us and offered that we […]


Day 18 Monhegan Island

We had the smoothest sail of the voyage so far, sailing along gently rippling ocean with the large green spinnaker style sail, at a modest 3-4 knots. We headed towards Monhegan, which was our first stop in Maine last year when we crossed over from Provincetown. When we arrived we found a patch of sandy […]

Damariscove Rainbow

Day 17 Damariscove

We awoke after a bouncy night. After last night’s distant thunder the wind had soddenly changed direction 180° which caused the waves to come directly into our previously protected harbor. Since the wind was still coming from the north Bryan chose a destination with with a harbor entrance facing south and with a long and […]


Day 16 Seguin Island Lighthouse 7/21

I managed to drift back to sleep again after the wakes from several lobster boats set Avocet rocking wildly. We can’t complain too much, the lobster fishermen are suffering a bit as the warming waters are pushing the lobsters into deeper and more northerly waters, and there are ongoing discussions about regulations on traps when […]


Day 15 Instrument Handoff at Dolphin

We sailed to Dolphin Marina where we met with a class of 14 middle school kids from the Harpswell Academy where they are starting a new music department. We happened to have just enough ukes, plus a student violin and a full size guitar that we were able to donate for their program. I did […]


Day 14 Concert at Cadenza & The Flukes

We slept on the sailboat as we have every night of the trip. It rained through much of the night and into the morning, so Bryan had to bail out the dinghy and we rowed out in pouring rain. Even with rain jackets we were quite drenched. It’s a good thing all my instruments, gear, […]


First Mate’s Log Day 13 Lenny Breau Tribute

We set sail early and arrived in South Freeport Harbor, just past Pound of Tea Island. The island is just big enough for one charming house and the name describes its original purchase price from the Indians. We arrived in the morning with enough time to go two blocks from the venue to the famous […]


12 Hour Sail for Day 12

This is the day we had to cover a lot of miles in order to arrive in time to join Denny Breau and friends for a tribute concert to his brother, guitar icon Lenny Breau the following day. It was Lenny who taught Chet Atkins the harmonic technique that has been the basis for many […]