A week at The Clearing

I enjoyed recorder camp at The Clearing, joining my parents, my sister, Pat Badger and the rest of the group as we played two compositions I wrote for harp guitar and recorder ensemble, “The Clearing,” and “Marguerite’s Reel.”


All Star Guitar Night thanks

Great fun at this past All Star Guitar Night! Thanks to AER for the use of your amps, Gold Tone Music Group/Ramirez, GHS, NAMM, Maximum Printing, Tonewood Amps, and Guitar Player Magazine plus great stuff at our gear sale from Sam Ash Music, Mighty Bright, Portastand and Yamaha. Mostly, thank you to the artists who […]

All Star Guitar Night, Festivals, Tour Dates

All Star Guitar Night, Festivals, Tour Dates

Wed Jul 17 Blountville, TN 7pm N.E. State PAC with John McEuen. Free concert! Fri Jul 19 Nashville, TN ALL STAR GUITAR NIGHT Wed Jul 24 Ellison Bay, WI 7:30pm. The Clearing Recorder concert featuring Muriel’s new compositions. Jul 26-27 Nashville, IN Indiana State Fingerstyle Guitar Festival  Sat Aug 10 Copper Mountain, CO Guitar Town Festival […]


Now recording…

I’m so excited, as I’m writing this, the talented Lulo Reinhardt, Django’s grandson, is recording to my “Sous Le Ciel de Paris” with engineer, Greg, for the upcoming recipe book project. I’m including guest musicians in the style/country of each tune, and of course recipes to go with each. More at


Memorial Day

Thinking of those who went before us, and greetings to families who are getting together this weekend. For ourselves, we took the boat out today, so there will be a bluefish for dinner. This coming week, please join me in NJ and PA: