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All Star Guitar Night thanks

Great fun at this past All Star Guitar Night! Thanks to AER for the use of your amps, Gold Tone Music Group/Ramirez, GHS, NAMM, Maximum Printing, Tonewood Amps, and Guitar Player Magazine plus great stuff at our gear sale from Sam Ash Music, Mighty Bright, Portastand and Yamaha. Mostly, thank you to the artists who […]

All Star Guitar Night, Festivals, Tour Dates

All Star Guitar Night, Festivals, Tour Dates

Wed Jul 17 Blountville, TN 7pm N.E. State PAC with John McEuen. Free concert! Fri Jul 19 Nashville, TN ALL STAR GUITAR NIGHT Wed Jul 24 Ellison Bay, WI 7:30pm. The Clearing Recorder concert featuring Muriel’s new compositions. Jul 26-27 Nashville, IN Indiana State Fingerstyle Guitar Festival  Sat Aug 10 Copper Mountain, CO Guitar Town Festival […]

Alash rehearsal low res

Recording for next project

Thank you to Alash, the Tuvan throat singers, Sean, and Brad at TheColeMine studio for a great recording session yesterday! The next project is coming along, uniting food and music. Here are the Tuvan lamb dumplings that they taught me how to make. More on my Recipes page or become a Patron for updates!

Thank you Downers Grove

Thank you to all our 500+ friends who celebrated with us at my annual Saturday-After-Thanksgiving concert, and the great volunteers. Couldn’t have done it without you! When John McEuen arrived we had an informal rehearsal, you can sit in if you like on Fingerstyle Hub Also thanks to those who braved the blizzard and power […]