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Sleigh Ride video

Here is a little clip from a recent concert a coffee roasting plant in Ottawa.  They shut down the machines, set up some chairs and a stage, and we had a good time!


Life as Music

In the process of making music on an instrument, right and left hand techniques are essential tools, yet even while these techniques are developing it is important not to overlook the actual music itself – the expression of the heart that drew us to music in the first place. When the player truly listens to […]


CA Tour & Whale Watching

It was great to see so many friends in California! Thanks to everyone! Enjoyed watching the whales off the coast of Long Beach, just before the concert. The grey whale did a beautiful dive, but the shutter on the camera just missed it.  Fill in with imagination.  The theater where I played that night is […]

Velzoe Brown jamming with friends. Photo by Carlton Roos.

In Memory of Velzoe Brown

A dear friend, Velzoe Brown, passed away at age 101. I wrote “Velzoe’s Garden” for her. It appears on the Wildcat CD and the sheet music is also published in the current issue of Acoustic Guitar Japan. This week from my garden in Nashville I filmed Velzoe’s Garden


Harp Guitars Under the Stars Artwork

The the front cover artwork is a painting I made based on a photo that Deirdra Doan took of John and Myself. Then Deirdra modified the painting with some of Van Gogh’s original to create our CD cover. You took can see the process here.  Below is my original artwork I painted in acrylics when […]