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Muriel Anderson in concert with her multimedia show, Wonderlust…A must-see as well as a must-hear! Guitarist/harp-guitarist Muriel Anderson takes you on a journey in music and stories, with a backdrop of visuals artfully compiled by photo-artist Bryan Allen. It is a musical journey through space and around the world. Sometimes whimsical, always engaging, bringing together […]

in Palm Canyon

Hiking in Borrego

Along my solo walk this afternoon at Palm Canyon, I came across a bobcat. The last time I hiked there I turned a corner and found myself in the middle of herd of Borrego mountain sheep. It reminds me of this song: WILDCAT (Click continue reading to activate link)

Borrego morning

CA tour continues, from Borrego

I’m spending a couple free days in Borrego Springs relaxing and visiting my Aunt and Uncle’s shop, I hope to see you as the tour continues for a workshop in San Diego and then Northern California!

New review just out

A pre-review of Nightlight Daylight is just released on Fretboard Journal. Pre-release copies are available now and the official worldwide release will correspond with Japan release on March 26th.

Quote from Da Vinci

“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.” …Leonardo Da Vinci.

Christmas carol sing

The Christmas carol sing with family and Friends today was like a step back in time. As a kid, I got a handle on changing chords and learned a lot from Christmas carols. Tomorrow we’ll bundle up, take the kerosine lanterns and several generations will carol around the neighborhood as we do every year. Muriel