Day 16 Fri 8/7 A Cold Swim

We arrived at a most beautiful spot in a series of islands called Merchant Row, and anchored in front of Coombs island. A small inlet connects two pine-covered islands, edged by weathered granite ledges with green ground cover that hangs just over the top as though designed by an expert.  

We rowed to the island where at high tide there is a beach of coarsely tumbled shell surrounded by granite boulders. Ok, so we couldn’t resist but swim there a bit, chilly as it was. No concern about our neighborhood shark, it was fairly shallow there.

Tomorrow we will head towards Swans Island, and then start checking the weather for a window to start making our way back southwest. In the mean time, All Star Guitar Night Online is coming up August 29, and I will be looking for someplace with internet to start putting together details. For the past two weeks I’ve only had occasionally enough signal to text our updates to Lady Pamela, now dubbed “second mate” who updates them on the Captain’s Log here.