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Day 34 Mon 8/24 Coming Home

We got to Fire Island Inlet at 9pm the previous night, and opted to anchor there at the little bay formed by a breakwater called the Sore Thumb. We woke to a silvery morning, and as the serene quiet started filling up with noises and activity, and the wind finally going in our direction, we […]


Day 31 Fri 8/21 Mission Montauk Abandoned

Bryan stitching the mainsail The Italian bakery boat came by in the morning shouting “Andiamo” (“We’re coming” in Italian) as it has for many years in the Great Salt Pond harbor in Block Island. We grabbed our masks as usual and flagged it down. Chatting with the two young men in the motorboat we learned […]


Day 30 Thu 8/20 Small World in Great Salt Pond

We returned the tupperware container, together with a music gift, to Bro and Phoebe, anchoring next to us.  Bryan had further repairs to do on the sail before we could depart, so I worked on editing The water is wide her guitar orchestra, for the upcoming All-Star guitar night,while Brian was occupied with thread and […]


Day 27 Mon 8/17 Like a Movie

We figured 5 hours for the crossing from Provincetown to the Cape Cod canal, so we left at 6am to arrive with the current going the right direction through the canal. Once we cleared the cape, the wind and waves were no tamer than the previous days and we had such a strong wind that […]


Day 26 Sun 8/16 Another Rip & Land Ho

I had managed only brief moments of actual sleep when the waves quieted down in the wee hours of the morning, and Bryan even less, resting in the cockpit on watch. But 5:30am brought the orange glow of sunrise on the horizon and the return of 7 foot waves and blustery winds. I took the […]


Day 25 Sat 8/15 “Where’s Andy” Escapes at Sea

The dinghy trails from the back of the sailboat. Bryan named his dinghy “Where’s Andy” in honor of his longtime sailing partner, next door neighbor and often tardy free spirit Andy. On sailing adventures over the years they lost their dinghy 4 or 5 times and each time ritually named the new one “Where’s Andy.” […]