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Arrived in P-town

Just a quick note to say we arrived safely in Provincetown after some rather interesting moments during our passage from Maine. Will fill you in later. Getting some rest now.


Day 23 Fri 8/14 Looking for Charlie Stone

I took advantage of a morning with full cell phone signal to contact Jess at Guitars in the Classroom to work on details for the upcoming benefit for them, All Star Guitar Night on Aug 29 and to check weather to find a good window for the passage back to P-Town MA. There was […]


Day 22 Thu 8/13 The Lobster Handoff

Lobster boats were doing their rounds inthe morning near our boat, anchored at Hen Island. I grabbed my red bucket, held out two fingers and leaned over the rail. The lobsterman and lobsterwoman fished out two lobsters and dropped them into the bucket, not without a few words about political conspiracy opinion. I passed over […]


Day 21 Wed 8/12 Meteor Shower

Bryan developed an unusual pain in his hip, and it was bothering him today. Nevertheless we rowed to a small island , separated by its parent island at high tide. A small boat came by and dropped off two people, a man and his son, on the island. It was our first time having company […]


Day 20 8/11 Burnt Harbor Lobstermen

We upped anchor at Buckle Island where we had spent two lovely evenings, and headed to Stonington and Burnt Harbor. We had  been without full internet and without access to news for the most part for two weeks. With All Star Guitar Night coming up, I had some files to download  and to send so […]


Day 19 Mon 8/10 Photo op

We stayed anchored in the same place and spent the day catching up on projects including creating a virtual ensemble of harp guitarists from around the world playing “The Water id Wide” for the upcoming All Star Guitar Night, slated for Sat Aug 29 on It is challenging putting together all different sorts of […]


Day 18 Sun 8/9 Destination

In the morning we reconvened with esteemed folklorists and musicians for breakfast, jokes and stories in Michael’s porch. Doug had many stories about his life in the folk boom of the 60s-70s. We have a number of mutual friends from the Chicago folk scene. Dillon Bustin Had an interesting story of how a joke was useful […]


Day 17 Sat 8/8 Swan’s Island

The first lobster boat sent its waves in our direction at 3:55am, but after traps were checked and re-baited, there was a period of calm for us to catch a little more shut eye. Later in the morning we rowed to the beach for some more climbing about, and I sat on a rock with my guitar […]


Day 16 Fri 8/7 A Cold Swim

We arrived at a most beautiful spot in a series of islands called Merchant Row, and anchored in front of Coombs island. A small inlet connects two pine-covered islands, edged by weathered granite ledges with green ground cover that hangs just over the top as though designed by an expert.   We rowed to the […]


Day 15 Thu Aug 6 Great White

Bryan climbed up the mast to take a photo. I saw a big splash in the otherwise calm ocean, and a little while later I saw a small seal floating by with a bite taken out of it. We learned today that there is a Great White cruising around the bay, unfortunately for a lady […]