Day 20 8/11 Burnt Harbor Lobstermen

We upped anchor at Buckle Island where we had spent two lovely evenings, and headed to Stonington and Burnt Harbor. We had  been without full internet and without access to news for the most part for two weeks. With All Star Guitar Night coming up, I had some files to download  and to send so we set off to look for a library. Bryan anchored in the harbor and took care of small boat repairs while I rowed to the nearest  dock where other dinghies were tied up.  I managed to remember how Bryan tied a bowline knot and secured the dinghy. A lobster fisherman with a heavy Maine accent somewhat resembling “Car Talk”politely  informed me that it was a commercial lobstermen dock and they were about to get busy, and the public landing was around the corner or I could snake through the pilings. I did the latter, tied up again. I asked an old fisherman if there was a library nearby. After joking around for a bit he revealed that it was the first building I would come to. After rowing back to the sailboat we went around to the other side of the island to go to the one grocery store and a nice Ace hardware store  No sooner had we set anchor that a heavy fog set in. We changed plans and stayed in harbor for the night.  It was a good thing I was delayed at the library or we would likely have been in the open ocean in fog surrounded by miles of lobster pots.