Day 21 Wed 8/12 Meteor Shower

Bryan developed an unusual pain in his hip, and it was bothering him today. Nevertheless we rowed to a small island , separated by its parent island at high tide. A small boat came by and dropped off two people, a man and his son, on the island. It was our first time having company on one of the small islands. The man asked us where we were from and what we did for a living. When I asked him the same, he said he was from Texas and was an orthopedic surgeon. I mentioned Bryan’s hip. He asked three questions and  had an immediate diagnosis and treatment. It fit all the symptoms of greater trocanteric bursitis, He recommended the dosage of ibuprofen or allieve and said to continue taking it for 1 week even if the pain is gone, and recommend specific stretching exercises. I am happy to say that Bryan’s hip is now recovering quickly.
That night was the Perseid meteor shower, and the sky was so clear as to see the milky way more vividly than I had seen it before. Bryan rowed to a shore with his tripod for a long exposure photo and managed to capture two of the dozen or so meteors.