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Day 4 Sun 7/25 Exchange at Sea

Well, we found out why we were the only boat at Kettle Cove. Some west winds picked up, and likewise waves. Bryan tied a second anchor to pull the boat from a straight beam to the waves, so things didn’t fall off shelves, but still the boat swayed and bounced all night, meaning not much […]

approaching cuttyhunk

Day 3 Sat 7/25 Dolphins

We left on a light breeze, so Bryan put up the spinnaker, or rather a large asymmetrical green “flasher” sail. The early morning fog gave way to sunshine. Heading east at 3 to 4 knots towards Cuttyhunk, we were soon joined by about 100 dolphins who surrounded the boat, passing us on both sides with […]

Sailing days 1-3

Day 2 Fri 7/24 Block Island

An early departure gave us a breeze for a short while, on the silvery gray-blue water. Onboard, I started writing a tune for the winner of the contest from my last livestream concert. We crossed over to Block Island, which has been kept delightfully much the same for many years. Upon anchoring at Great Salt […]


Day 1 Thu 7/23 Departure and Brief Storm

We packed provisions, spare parts, plenty of flex-tape and duck-tape, and departed Fire Island Inlet at 9:30am on Bryan’s 1974 30-foot Grampian sailboat, several hours earlier than we had anticipated, as a nice sailing breeze came up. Bryan and I both saw a couple dolphins gracefully leap out of the water, only two waves away […]