Day 4 Sun 7/25 Exchange at Sea

Well, we found out why we were the only boat at Kettle Cove. Some west winds picked up, and likewise waves. Bryan tied a second anchor to pull the boat from a straight beam to the waves, so things didn’t fall off shelves, but still the boat swayed and bounced all night, meaning not much sleep. Morning was lovely and we rowed to the beach for a walkabout before heading up Buzzard’s Bay. As we approached the Cape Cod area, I called a friend, David Isenberg, who happened to be out fishing and he pulled up alongside our sailboat. I tossed a copy of “Acoustic Chef” into his boat, and he recommended a harbor for the night. He met us there, with a bag of fresh lettuce and zucchini from his garden, and a much needed raincoat for me to borrow.