Day 3 Sat 7/25 Dolphins

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We left on a light breeze, so Bryan put up the spinnaker, or rather a large asymmetrical green “flasher” sail. The early morning fog gave way to sunshine. Heading east at 3 to 4 knots towards Cuttyhunk, we were soon joined by about 100 dolphins who surrounded the boat, passing us on both sides with occasional graceful leaps out of the water. Bryan and I took turns hanging off the back ladder of the boat for a few minutes to cool down in the rushing water.  We anchored at Cuttyhunk, picked up some ice for the coolers and then took off, past a lighthouse with elephant seals sunning on the rocks, to spend the night in a completely uninhabited little cove, Kettle Cove. Bryan and I watched shooting stars, satellites, and what we think was the space station passing by in the clear night sky.

approaching cuttyhunk