Day 23 Fri 8/14 Looking for Charlie Stone

I took advantage of a morning with full cell phone signal to contact Jess at Guitars in the Classroom to work on details for the upcoming benefit for them, All Star Guitar Night on Aug 29 and to check weather to find a good window for the passage back to P-Town MA. There was a storm and small craft advisory for 2 days, but the wind direction was favorable for the sail back SW. Bryan figured that the worst of the winds would be Fri night, and if we left from someplace en route Saturday morning, we would be trailing the storm for the long stretch across ocean to P-Town Saturday into Sunday. Besides, it’s common sailor lore that one does not leave for a crossing on a Friday lest it bring bad luck.

This was a good opportunity for Bryan to look for Charlie Stone, a lobsterman on Ragged Island, one of a pair of tiny islands far off shore, in the basic direction we were heading.

Our sail was glassy smooth, disturbed only by one small whale that rose and dove like a giant dolphin. We arrived at the reddest hour of sunset to a tiny fishing village suspended in time. Bryan rowed ashore to look for his old acquaintance, Charlie Stone, but to no avail. In the morning he went to shore again, and several villagers assured him the Charlie was around, but when he was still not to be found, Bryan left a DVD of our “Wonderlust,” DVD on his doorstep, with a note. It was time to leave on our crossing.