Day 29 Wed 8/19 Mystery of Dead Gulls at Weepecket Island

It was a hot day so we thought we would look for a beach at which to swim along our route. We stopped at Weepecket Island. The last time we were there we were watching and a kite border who had a hydrofoil board. He was flying elegantly  up into the air and was followed by a boat with a professional camera crew. He was doing a video for his sponsored gear, as we found out later. Bryan was also filming him from our boat when his board came off his feet at a good height. He flipped upwards, and came down into the water head first. When he didn’t come up right away I yelled to Bryan, “Row over there, he may be hurt!” Their motorboat arrived first and the photographer jumped into the water, retrieving the kiteboarder and hoisted him into the boat. The crew tended to the injured athlete while the photographer was drifting further and further from the boat. Bryan picked him up and brought him to the boat, then they sped off full throttle towards the shore where they had arranged an ambulance to meet them. I hope he recovered, we were never able to find out.

Today the island was calm. We rowed to the shore. I saw a dead sea gull on the beach, then another, and another, perhaps a dozen, and one gull eating a carcass. They all seemed to be juveniles. I eas wondering if someone was doing target practice until I saw a gull walking slowly and awkwardly near us, with disheveled feathers, obviously not feeling well. We left without swimming. 

We sailed a couple miles more to kettle cove for a quick swim, and headed again towards Cuttyhunk. The weather changed suddenly, and we ducked into Quicks Hole until most of the wind and rain passed, making our way to Cuttyhunk in the evening. 

We anchored next to an interesting looking small green schooner that sat low, drawing only 19 inches into the water. Bryan figured someone with a boat like that must be an interesting person. We rowed over that direction for a chat with the owner and his wife , Bro and Phoebe. It turns out they are part-time musicians, and were interested in the harp guitar. They encouraged me to go back and get it for a jam.  Bro used the sides of the cockpit as a cajon, and quite a good boat-player he was! As we were packing up, Phoebe asked if we were hungry, and sent us off with a Tupperware container of pasta with meat and pico do gallo, that was much appreciated.