Day 28 Tue 8/18 Sailboat Race & Hadley Harbor

We woke at sunrise from a night of gentle thunder and rain. Thanks to several coats of flexseal around the deck, for the first time after a heavy rain, the inside of the boat was dry, free of leaks. Bryan rowed me to the end of the small peninsula state park, and I found a path through the woods, swinging my big red padded grocery bag like Red Riding Hood, I found the harbor at the other end where I meet David Isenberg who gave me s ride to the grocery store to re-provision, splurging on local and organic produce and steak.
We stopped to watch a boat race on the sparkling water.

After Bryan skillfully sailed to the dock to swing in the groceries, we moved to the middle harbor, and then set off for a more secluded place to enjoy our dinner. We ended up at the beautiful Hadley harbor. Fish were jumping out of the water, and gulls and cormorants took sport trying to catch the airborne fish. We tried also, but with no more luck than the birds.